Our Common Cultivation Bring Us Together (OCCBUT)


Working with our partners, we noticed similar difficulties that our students themselves are talking about. Students say that teachers too often use non-interactive methods of work, and routine enters everyday education, which ultimately causes discouragement and decline in motivation. Each partner wants to raise the standard of education in their institution and the achievements of young people in the sphere of Sciences, Literature, Economics , languages and Geography, ICT. We want our students to learn and be involved in the process of the cultivation of grapevines and all its byproducts. We all share the same history of using the land to produce grapes and all its byproducts & feel that we should turn back to the land to produce our food and offer a better life and living to our children and at the same time try to save life on our planet or at least make it bearable. All will have the opportunity to explore history, songs, folklore and myths associated with grapevines and the land.

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