Richness of Diversity

Richesses de la diversité. Richness of Diversity. Bohatství různorodosti. Learn who you are through learning about the countryside. By exploring and understanding the genius loci and the uniqueness of places, we can learn a lot about ourselves. The aim of our project is to develop partnerships between Gymnázium Zlín - Lesní čtvrť, Zlín (CZ) and Collège Emilien Adam de Villiers, Saint-Pierre (FR) via working on the topics of environmental issues, sustainable development, specifics and diversity of natural species in participating countries and cities. Through applying the methods of practical ecology and realization of volunteer activities by approximately 20 pupils age 12-15 (lower grammar school – "gymnázium", elementary school, including the special needs students), we want to contribute to increasing of knowledge and interest in their own backgrounds (biological, geographic, environmental, cultural, social…) as well as of their peers.

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