School is Cool - Let‘s Play and Learn!


The main objective of this project is to assess potential students and discover their talents. Helping children discover what they are good at encourages healthy self-esteem and it is also key to their success later in life. Play is the most natural way to achieve this. This project is a disseminaton/summary of the activities of the K1Erasmus project of our teachers, but also a continuation of cooperation with our e-twinning friends who we invited to join us in this endeavour. Students will improve language, digital, social, mathematical, social and other competences. After an introductory phase, e-twinning partners will exchange ideas, experiences, games ... After that we will create teams. The teams will play games, complete tasks, share knowledge, and meet peers across Europe . Continuous evaluation is a very important part of the project. Therefore, during the collaboration we will create activities in which students will self-evaluate their work and also evaluate each oth

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