Planet A!


The Earth's climate has changed throughout the geological time. The climate change that we face today is a global problem, felt on local scales. Nowadays we are already committed to some level to climate change, that will be around for decades and centuries to come. Mitigation and adaptation are two ways of approaching this problem. Our students are concerned about the Earth’s future, but most of them believe that their actions do not influence the course of action in climate change. The first step of the project leads the students to realize that each one of us, with our individual actions, contribute to environment problems (eg. pollution, deforestation, among others). These findings will be presented to the partners, who will find and propose solutions to mitigate the problems mentioned earlier. At each school, the students will put these solutions in practice. On April 22 - Earth Day 2020: Climate Action - the students will share their work with their school community.

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