Knowing each other better: Our culture, our traditions

The aim of the project is to put Spanish students in contact with English students and their families. Learning through interaction between two schools in The United Kingdom and have a cultural experience planning a trip.


    Project Journal

    • Hello, today a newspaper from Spain called:El Levante, has published an article about our project


      - Posted by Rut Aniorte, 05.07.2017

    • Hello dear all,
      Today, the app BaandĂș (app with local news in our Community in Puerto de Sagunto), has publish an article about our project. If you want to read it you have to download it on your phone. Go to playstore and download the BaandĂș app. This is the link of our project:
      - Posted by Rut Aniorte, 26.06.2017

    • We want to say goodbye to our friends in Brotherton in Spanish and English. We wish you the best. We enjoyed a lot with you. We loved this project.

      - Posted by Rut Aniorte, 20.06.2017

    • Hola! Aqui hace calor como espana!

      We are really looking forward to seeing you on google hangouts tomorrow! We have just checked everything is working with Rut :-)

      Here are some videos from the children at Brotherton.

      Hope you like them!

      - Posted by Nieves Sadullah, 19.06.2017

    • Hello everybody! We are looking forward to skype with you next week and to work on our Magazine. This is a picture working on the cover of the Magazine, let's work together to improve it!

      Working on the cover.jpg

      - Posted by Rut Aniorte, 13.06.2017