TREES: To Reinforce European Environent Sustainability

With this project, biodiversity will be known in the surroundings of the schools and identify the natural landscape - the local flora. Through bilateral project: Portugal and Cyprus, we want to know the flora of the south of Europe/Mediterranean area. The envolved schools are from geographic opposite regions of Europe but both in the south of Europe having climates with many similarities. In adiction, our two countries are affected by fires, dry clima and long periods without rain and so the future will not be easy for these regions. Schools students develope several skills, capabilities and will be able to explore and identify the flora of our two Mediterranean countries plus differences and similarities between the regions. This way we can build a map of the different landscapes and flora of the south of Europe/Mediterranean. Also, by collaborative work, students, with teams from different schools, will create a super hero who will be the awareness ambassador for protecting nature

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