• The idea is that each participant country will choose all participant countries. (POLAND, ITALY, SPAIN, NORWAY, ROMANIA, SLOVAKIA, FRANCE and TURKEY) We will work with the students aged between 12-15. Teachers will divide these students into groups by choosing names randomly so that all groups can be equal. After that, each group will choose one country (Teachers may write down the names of the countries on a piece of paper so that all groups can choose the country) and they will start getting information about the countries they choose. For example; they can get information from internet, have interviews with their parents/ teachers, bring posters or pictures , act some short plays about the stereotypes in their minds. After that, they will have a presentation as a group. While presenting teachers or students depending on their abilities will record these presentations. Teachers will upload these materials on twinspace and the coordinator will check these videos. The materials are: videos, record, pictures, posters, acting materials, presentations….


    Time Schedule:

    1)We will start the project 
    2) We will make groups by choosing students randomly according to participant countries



    :3) Each group will choose one country 
    4) They will start doing research about the chosen country and the general stereotypes in their minds and the facts.



    5) They will work on their projects and gather all information they have.



    6) They will do their presentations (the videos shouldn't exceed 5 minutes) and the teacher and students record the videos of presentations. 


    February: Teachers will upload the videos on twinspace. (The teachers will have uploaded the videos on the 20 th of February, 2016) and then the coordinator will check the videos on twinspace.


    March: Coordinator will gather all materials and put them together in one video.


    April: All partners will apply for National e-Twinning Label and European etwinning.


    May: We will end the project.


    • Thanks to this project students will be able to overcome the prejudice about countries and people all around the world and get to know more about each other.
    • They will introduce different countries through presentations and videos and show people that stereotypes don't reflect reality so they will be able to get to know more about cultures and they will have different perspectives and gain knowledge about different ways of livings so they will be more open-minded.
    • Besides, this project will enable students to have more self-confidence in expressing themselves in English because during this period they will use English effectively.
    • Moreover, they will understand every prejudgement can be reduced by sharing thoughts, feelings.