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  • Brindisi and Berlin

    Some information about Brindisi

    Brindisi is an important city on the Adriatic coast of Southern Italy in the Apulia region and has a current population of about 88,000. This natural port has played a major historical role due to its strategic position and active trade with Greece and other nations across the Adriatic Sea.
    Records show that it has seen some form of settlement since ancient Roman and Greek times. Due to its prominent position on the Adriatic coast, Brindisi has been ruled by various empires and kingdoms including the Ostrogoths, Lombards and Kings of Sicily. Today Brindisi remains an important place on the eastern coast and its varied economy make it one of the prime cities in the Apulia region.
    Brindisi benefits from its coastal location and has a fantastic port waiting to be explored; you can check out the fantastic beaches and enjoy some sunbathing and relaxation.

    What to eat

    The flavors of the land of Brindisi reflect the identity of the best culinary traditions from Apulia. Fish, fresh and tasty, is the main element of the local cuisine. Mussels, see urchins, oysters, grouper sea bass and, of course, bluefish are prepared as simple dishes and served with seasonal vegetables. Vineyards and olive groves ensure the production of high quality DOC wines, and high-quality extra-virgin olive oils. Just as excellent is the production of fresh or mature cheeses made from the milk of local farms, such as ricotta, cacioricotta and pecorino (sheep's milk cheese).
    And, according to tradition, focaccia, frise, bread and taralli accompany with their fragrance any dish, from appetizers to soups, from main courses to side dishes.

    What to visit

    The city of Brindisi lies between two deep bays linked to the open sea by a narrow and deep channel.
    The main attractions are:
    The port and the Roman Column
    Alfonsino Castle
    Santa Maria del Casale Church
    The Cathedral
    The Archaeological Museum
    Santa Teresa Square
    San Giovanni al Sepolcro Church
    The wonderful sandy beaches in the Northern coast along the SS379 route.

    Some information about Berlin

    Berlin was founded in 1237. The capital of Germany has a population of 3.748 million and is located in the east of Germany.
    Berlin has had many different rulers. The most infamous ruler of them was Adolf Hitler. He caused the Second World War, which destroyed the city in the 1940s. After the war Berlin was divided between the Soviet Union, France, the USA, and the UK. In 1949 Berlin was divided between the GDR and the FRG (East–West). The border was marked by the „Berliner Mauer” (Berlin Wall) which got destroyed in 1989. Today Berlin doesn't have many old buildings anymore. It is a modern city.
    In addition Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Traveling in Berlin can be really annoying. Because the city has much traffic so you should use the public transport system which is often late but actually quite useful.

    Foodguide for Berlin

    Berlin is a big city with many Restaurants and opportunities to eat something. Here are some tips for you where you can eat special things.
    A) Eat a „Döner“:
    The Döner kebab belongs to the important kind of food in Berlin. It is a kind of bread with sauce, meat, salad and fries in it.
    B) The Sixties Diner:
    This diner is an American one which sells burgers, milkshakes and lots of other American food.
    C) ”Curry36“ and ”Die Bratpfanne“:
    These snack stands sell the ”Currywurst“ (It is a sausage which is fried and served with ketchup and curry powder, also hot if wanted).
    Address: Curry36: Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg; Hardenbergplatz 9, 10623 Berlin
    D) “Goldies“:
    The goldies is a restaurant with French fries with special toppings such as Peking duck with crunch, Chilli Chess or Miso – Furikake.
    Address: Oranienstraße 6
    E) “Five Guys”:
    This is a Burger Restaurant where you can build your own Burgers and fries.