Best Wishes from Foreign Friends (Christmas) – eTwinning


1. Students from 13 up to 15 will, in groups/teams make Christmas postcards with Christmas wishes, recalling human values, both in English and in French (as well as a near translation in their mother tongue). The postcards will be exchanged with the schools involved in the project before Christmas. There will also be photos of the students from the different schools with the cards that they receive. 2. After collecting/receiving the cards, each participating school organises a school exhibition (around January/ February), which will be photographed and the photos uploaded on Twinspace. This project involves teachers from other subjects (Maths, Arts, Technology, Geography, Languages). We welcome any ideas that complement the original ones and we are open to collaboration with anyone interested in joining this project. (Further description of tasks will be discussed with the teachers who get involved in the project.)

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