Basic Sciences All Over Life

"What is teaching?" and "What is learning?" These questions can never be answered correctly. According to the meaning of education, they are the changes of behavior in someone's life, but in a positive way. Maybe it is, but what is the expected behavior from a student? For some of the teachers and parents it is usually to be a good student who never has problems at school, has good relationships with teachers, friends, and the other staff members, and also gets good marks from the exams. We as the teachers who take place in this project want to have different types of students who ask questions, interrogate the real life, take place in activities by heart and are aware of "why they learn". To succeed about the topic, we wanted to see how other teachers from different countries, cultures and religions teach the best way. By these thoughts, we started out a new way and decided to write this project Basic Sciences All Over Life recognised as BSAOL.

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