Music Connecting People

Our project focuses on something that teenage students are interested in most – music. Not everyone likes History, Math, Biology etc. But there is probably not a single high school student who would say they don't listen to any music at all. Hence the idea – a project about popular music. It’s major aim is to develop and improve students’ language ...


    Project Journal

    • Dear project partners,
      You are all kindly asked to express your evaluating opinion on our project. Please, be active! It doesn't mean that you can't continue with the activities you have started and discussions on twinspace forum or facabook. The project is still open. And even when it closes, some communication, relationship, friendship, memories will be lifelong.
      - Posted by Agita Āboltiņa, 20.05.2016

    • Dear eTwinners,
      there is a communication challenge we'd like you to take part in. Try to talk to somebody from another partner country on fb or on twinspace and try to get to know something about each other. Talk about the similarities and differences between our nations, countries and languages.
      Hope you are not too shy;)
      Let's find out if we are similar in any aspects or totally different.
      Share your ideas on our facebook group or on on TwinSpace in FORUMS section.
      - Posted by Halina Król-Szremska, 17.04.2016

    • Dear everyone,
      You are kindly asked to express your opinion, emotions, ideas about our project in tricker, which is on the page "Project evaluation".
      - Posted by Agita Āboltiņa, 03.04.2016

    • Dear project participants, you are welcome to join our travel blog and tell others about your memorable trip, so that we can find out more about interesting places where we can possibly go in the future.
      - Posted by Agita Āboltiņa, 08.03.2016

    • Music questionnaire is ready! Please fill it in, it won't take you more than 5 minutes:)
      - Posted by Halina Król-Szremska, 26.02.2016