I See You, I Hear You, I Feel You


Misbehavior and bullying have been an inevitable part of our school lives. That's why it is essential to shape students' attitudes here. It is important to underline that value education is the matter of individuals and of the whole community. Despite many anti-bullying programmes conducted in schools, bullying and misbehaving is not significantly decreasing. Better results have come from value-based, evidence-based, school-wide practices that include both prevention and case management tools and which are based more on value creation. Restorative practices – RP are a good way to make changes in schools. RP are transforming the way schools address disciplinary challenges and misbehavior. We build healthier school climates and communities, we are incorporating RP into our teaching to create a respectful dialogue between all parties of the school community and supportive atmosphere. For this project, 2 aspects of RP are primary: community building and use dialogue to respond to harm.

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