W- Always


W-Always is an Erasmus Plus K2 Project between Spain, France, Hungary and Germany about European Cultural Heritage. “W-always” contains in itself the essence of our proposal. On the one hand, the expression “we always” summarizes a major concept, which is the priority of our project: broadening the knowledge of our own heritage. On the other hand, “W-always” is a word game that encompasses “WE ALL” and the elements “WALLS + WAYS”, two notions that serve as the scaffolding of this project. Our superordinate goals are to reinforce the students competences, especially the communicative one, by means of a multidisciplinary approach based on tasks and projects, and using their own and foreign languages, to foster the knowledge and preservation of our cultural heritage, to promote synergy with other educational and non-educational institutions, to use ICT and the improvement of resources to make them more inclusive and sustainable.

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