Robotics through STEM (LEGO Mindstorms)

This project was born by the approval of an Erasmus + KA-229 project named LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 and whose code is 2019-1-PL01-KA229-065800. The main theme of the project is robotics, and it is dissected from various perspectives such as mathematics, technology, computer science and natural sciences, this is STEM. An initial purpose is to share organizational issues between partner countries but it will also serve as a platform for both the presentation and implementation of the different activities that are created for students derived from the organized mobility. Therefore, it will serve as a communication platform for teachers and students from the 3 partner countries Poland, Romania and Spain. These three schools are: 1) Szkoła Podstawowa w Koźminie, Koźmin (Poland), 2)Scoala Gimnaziala “Elena Farago”, Craiova, Craiova (Romania) and 3) IES Ausiàs March, Gandia España. In addition, it will have the functions of events calendar, also of repository of the workshops and programmed activities so that the tasks that are carried out, the educational exchanges, the videos that are recorded, the work meetings between teachers and students, the visits are stored that are carried out, the exchanges of information between schools. That is, reflecting in it all the actions that derive from the project.

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