6.7 Diary entries of German students

  • The German students reflected on the first mobility and this is what they came up with:



    Today is Tuesday the 3th of December. This morning we all met at 7:35 am in school to start with our project work. We worked in groups with 6-7 people and made a funny PowerPoint-presentation on prejudices and stereotypes of our countries which we are going to present on Friday. We have experienced new and funny things that others think about us and our country. After that we designed a leaflet with the topic: European culture and heritage in Heidenheim. We included interesting sights and facts about Heidenheim. Most of them we have already seen yesterday. We also included pictures we had made yesterday during our city tour. The work made a lot of fun and we learned a lot of the other countries and cultures.

    After that we had lunch in our school cafeteria. We ate some schnitzel with sauce, a kind of potato and salat. The vegetarians ate a vegetable lasagna.

    After lunch we continued our work on the project. We had to find some useful phrases to use in Germany or in our Swabian region.

    After that we had free time. Most of us went to the city center and bought some presents for their family and friends or just some food.

    At 3 pm we went to a bowling center for 2 hours. It made a lot of fun and we get in touch with the people from the other nations and got to know them better. We laughed a lot, danced and sang together and ended the second day well.

    After this long day we all were very tired and went to bed early.

    written by Anna Lena 


    written by Romy


    On Thursday the 5th December 2019 we had an excursion to Stuttgart with our exchange students from Spain and Poland and their teachers. Our teachers Mrs. Hartmann and Mr.Lüder were also with us.

     Our day started at the meeting point at the bus station. Then we drove one and a half hour by bus to the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart. We walked there around with the special audio guides, we saw old and new cars and also nice machines and some history facts. It was very interesting for all of us. 

    After this we went with our bus into the city Centre and there all of us had free time for more than a hour. Some students spent their time at the Christmas market or for shopping some souvenirs. 

     Later we took the tram to the Naturkundemuseum at the Löwentor. There we saw old fossils, dinosaurs and also some statues. After the trip to Stuttgart we went back home again. It was a very nice day with the exchange students and the teachers in Stuttgart.

    written by Luisa


    On Friday we worked with our groups on posters about our journey.

    We went to the Muller to print photos. After everyone finished, we had free time till 7 pm.

    At 7 pm we all met in our school cafeteria. Together we had dinner, but there weren’t enough Schnitzel.

    After dinner, some people made a presentation. At the end everyone got a certificate and we celebrated, danced and sang together. The event finished at 10 pm and then everybody went home.


    written by  Lukas