19. Europe Day (9 May 2021)

  • We asked our students to share things they do in their everyday life that makes the crisis more bearable for them. Here are the creative results:


    Polish students


    German students





    Spanish students

    Spanish students have been attending face-to-face classes since September 2020 that is the reason why we thought it could be interesting to try something a little bit different.

    In order to commemorate Europe's Day they did different activities:

    1.- They took the quiz that you can find in the learning area in the EU webpage


    Once they had finished they had to reflect on what they knew and what they had learned

    2.- They had to reflect on how homeschooling had affected them during the last term in the previous course and compare homeschooling with face-to-face classes.

    All their reflections had to be collected in a padlet, all the students liked the activity and enjoyed collaborating.

    Europe's Day Padlet


    To finish we worked with a song by the band "Europe" - It's the final countdown".