13. Music Day

  • Music Day at Mirasur

    Music is present every day in our school day. 

    We start classes in the morning  (9:00) and afternoon (15:15) with music.

    How is this music chosen?

    It can be chosen by students, teachers, and other staff or families.

    Each day of the week is devoted to a type of music:

    Monday: Pop music in Spanish

    Tuesday: Classical

    Wednesday: Music from all around the world

    Thursday: Films soundtracks

    Friday: International pop music

    We have created a form that can be filled with our favourite music

    Choice of music


    Then we have created a QR code that you can read with your device to make access easier.


    Besides, there is a day when the whole school is devoted to Music activities, that is Santa Cecilia Day, 22nd November. She is the Saint patron of Music and musicians.

    We have different stages all over the school where the students and teachers perform short concerts for all the students.

    In 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, performances will be seen in streaming.

    What is more, the staff is involved in recording a video to encourage students. This year it has been the Jerusalema challenge