PLAY a gateway to learning

Schools and teachers notice that the intrinsic motivation of students for learning content is decreasing. At their best, schools want to set pupils in the heart of education. They want to adjust the way of teaching in a way that learning becomes more natural. With this project, we want to stimulate the (intrinsic) motivation of pupils (8y-15y) by focusing on natural learning. The main goal of this project is to increase students inner motivation by using playful learning in the curriculum. Several ways of assessments and different student and teachers tasks will show that pupils’ motivation will increase and that more competencies will be reached this way. The general objective for the schools is to create a play-based learning environment that strengthens the motivation of the pupils to learn and implement more elements of playful learning into the everyday lessons and at the same time to think about new ways of organising a school. This project is part of the KA2 - PAGTL.

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