4 elements – STEAM in early education

It is more and more difficult to ignore current problems connected with the climate changes and the degradation of Europe’s environment. Throughout the last decade the issues concerning the Earth’s pollution are not marginal problems any more but they have become the issues of the greatest importance for us. Undoubtedly, the environment protection is a difficult topic for little children. However, they are the generation who will have to face the environmental changes. That is why children must be taught from an early age how to struggle with the threats to the environment and how to eliminate their results competently. The priority of our project is shaping pro-ecological attitudes through using the model of education based on STEM. The integration of sciences with the use of modern technologies , foreign language learning and art will allow us to develop not only pro-ecological and pro-social attitudes but also the most important key competences. We are convinced that modern elementary education must be based on their development from an early age. The project revolves around four elements: air, earth, fire and water. For each element we have planned activities based on STEAM - experiments, observation, research, simple engineering, modern technologies and the development of children’s artistic expression. Sharing experiences and based on different education models, teachers and children will be able to confront their knowledges, use different teaching methods and competences and learn all together.

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