The project is that children play of being little designers. Therefore, children learn to work with a model and inspiration such as a character or an artist.


    Digital competence
    Linguistic competence
    Cultural awareness and expression
    Sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit


    The project tries to develop the sense of aesthetics at very early ages.
    Each member country will carry out at least three design projects.
    Children will use the method of creative research ..
    They can be inspired by different designers and different artists.
    Finally they will present their design project, in common
    The project will have three parts.
    -First: during the first three months, each partner will design their projects.

    -Second: They choose a project from another partner and develop it in the center.
    -Third: All partners carry out a common project and all students participate in it
    In conclusion, an exhibition will be held in all schools, along with a digital exhibition


    The different projects will be exhibited in the Twinspace.
    Finally, a large digital exhibition will be held.
    And they will also be exhibited in the Centers, participating in the entire educational community.