Surf in the Internet Era

This project was born with the intention of helping our little students to be aware digital citizens. The use of new technologies is often, even for digital natives, a path full of obstacles and potential dangers. We are always connected thanks to Smartphones which are much more powerful in performance than "old PCs". These processes change our way of thinking, our way of relating to others, of buying, of studying. It is therefore necessary to have a "support" that goes in many directions, not only IT but deeper, "holistic". For example by explaining how social media really work, how to identify a reliable source and avoid "fake news", how to safely use a search engine, the rules to keep within the social sphere, understand the dynamics behind "gaming that sometimes becomes true and addiction that can lead to aggressive and antisocial behavior when it is abused ”and to chat in online games. In this process of understanding not only pupils will be involved but also parents

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