October: Get to know each other

  • Pupils

    • With the pupils of your group and of your country, create a video to introduce you all (ex: if Maxime and David are French pupils in international group 1, they’ll work together to create only one video). BE CAREFUL: the video needs to be recorded with an Android device because you can't share a video with Chat Secure on iOS.
    • Share this video within your group room.
    • Take pictures of where you live.
    • Share those pictures within your group room.
    • Watch you group videos and photo and react about them, ask questions, etc.
    • Choose one of your group member to create a photo collage of your group work.
    • Add the photocollage into the twinspace.


    • Make sure the work is being done!
    • If it weakens, revive the discussion of the room you have in charge.