Masterclasse COSMAX - L'univers est un rêve

The students of the High School Lycée de la Mer (Gujan-Mestras) propose to be the ambassadors of COSMAX ( The goal, initially and through the eTwinning platform, is to raise awareness, share knowledge, propose challenges, Quizzes, digital paths, with young people of the same age to the very violent phenomena of the Universe, all of which have extraordinary properties , solar bursts, gamma-ray bursts, galactic active nucleus eruptions, black holes, supernovas. Secondly, we come to see you, on site, to use data from the Fermi space satellite with software that will need to be installed. Finally, by videoconference, we will discuss with our tutor Benoit Lott (astrophysics research director at CENBG) and one of his colleagues from NASA.

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