About the project

  • About the project

    In order to form a school friendship, a group of teachers form the Macedonian school Lazo Anzelovski in Skopje, visited our school. They wanted to observe the organisation of our institution, our teaching process, and the Childrens' Entrepreneurship Fair, which was organised as the final activity of our Erasmus+ KA1 project TESLA: Teachers Engaging Students in a Learning Adventure. We will exchange our experiences of the visit, analyse the observed acitivities and gain further insight into the similarities and differences of our education systems.


    1. Exchange experiences and analyse the observed acitivities.
    2. Answer any questions that may have been left unanswered about the organisation of the Childrens' Entrepreneurship Fair. 
    3. Improve our language, global citizenship, personal and social skills
    4. Appreciate the Croatian and Macedonian education systems, compare and contrast them.

    Work process

      The activities will take place May- June 2019.
      Every school will prepare a presentation about the visit from their own perspective. Some of the students who were involved in the observed lessons and activities, as well as organisation of the fair, will also participate in preparing the presentation. Presentations prepared by both schools will be shown to all the students involved in this project.
      A Q&A video conference session in English will follow after the exchange.

      Expected results

      Forming a partnership based on mutual respect and communication between European partners.
      Increasing competency in English.
      Possibility to start a new project in the academic year 2019/2020.