• Memories of the Meeting in Portugal

    Laura, teacher from Portugal

    Thank you so much for this week. It was a pleasure to host you.

    Melih, student from Turkey

    it was nice to know the schools of different cultures

    Melih, student from Turkey

    The musician was very sincere at the event where we got to know the instruments of other countries, so I liked this event.

    Baran, student from Turkey

    We loved this place. It was a very beautiful and historical place.

    Melih, student from Turkey

    I was so close to the ocean for the first time in my life, it was a very nice experience

    Abdulkadir, student from Turkey

    One of the first photos i have taken in portugal

    Abdulkadir, student from Turkey

    A Place with such a fantastic view.

    Abdulkadir, student from Turkey

    The Museum about musical instruments. It was interesting to see the old instruments and where/how people played them.

    Abdulkadir, student from Turkey

    Our last day in Portugal. The Lisbon tour was pretty entertaining and interesting.

    Kristiana, student from Latvia

    The view from our apartment was so amazing and beautiful.

    Kristiana, student from Latvia

    Sesimbra village was awesome! I really enjoyed being there:))

    The departure

    Hopefully we will meet again in Italy

    New friends

    I love Erasmus. It joins people from different countries. A student from Italy

    Tired but happy

    Nella from Italy

    Sesimbra and the ocean❤️

    Amazing day! Thanks from the Italian team


    Such a lovely trip. Lots of fun! Alessandro from Italy

    Us at the Museum. Fun and culture mixed together. Thanks Erasmus. Alessandro from Italy

    So cute!!!! Anna and Marianna from Italy

    On our way to school. Antonella from Italy
    Last day😢

    Marianna from Italy. We will soon be back to Italy but a little piece of our hearts will be forever Portuguese

    Latvian team

    An unforgettable week. Thanks to everyone.

    Inês, student from Portugal

    It was really fun to have here, in Portugal, with us, we hope you have enjoyed as much as we did.