We have had the opportunity to demolish walls of prejudice against discrimination, among teachers and students of different countries which are dissimilar to one another and have different social, historical and cultural structures, thanks to our Erasmus+KA2 Project “Breaking Down Walls”. When we went through the broken walls, we realized that different individuals, cultures and societies are not a threat and burden to other societies but a boon and wealth to the humankind. This recognition has provided us with big motivation to change our perceptions and know and explore each other much more closely. This motivation has led us to write our new project "Dance Across Musical Bridges"(DMB), which focuses on local dances and music of Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Latvia. The idea that those who sing songs are good people comes from the local Turkish bard Neşet Ertaş and we are deeply impressed. We also want to remind that dance and music have got the best of what is local and have the talent to combine local elements with universal ones, making people feel a sense of inclusion and that we are all part of the same Universe.


    The aims of the project DMB are to promote inclusion of all those who are different and also the development of basic skills and key competences. DMB has the following specific objectives:

    -Recognize their own and the other countries’ culture and folklore -traditional music, instruments, dance, costumes, theatre, festivities, bards

    -Share, compare, synthesize and identify similarities and differences between each countries’ folklore

    -Develop cooperation among different countries, institutions and school subjects

    -Deepen students’ English foreign language skills

    -Encourage multilinguism by means of less spoken foreign languages

    -Develop logical thinking, creativity, responsibility, self-confidence, autonomy and collaborative work with different technological tools

    -Deepen digital competences

    -Increase motivation for school work and promote success

    -Prevent early school leaving and promote skills of the 21st century in all involved students

    -Prepare youngsters for the global labour market.


    There will be 48 mobilities for teachers and 80 mobilities for students. Teachers who will participate in the mobilities will be actively involved in the project and chosen from the project group that will be organised in the first month of the project. Participant students, 14 to 19 years old, will be determined by the project teachers according to their skills on music and dance, competencies in language and their motivation on taking part in the project. Apart from the participants in the mobilities, school communities (students, teachers,parents, staff) of the partner countries and also the wider communities will be involved in the project activities. At all partner schools approximately 380 teaching and nonteaching staff and more than 3500 students will be involved in the project DMB.


    There will be one teacher training event on eTwinning and other digital tools for the implementation of the project. Also, there will be five short-term exchanges of pupils, dedicated to different aspects of the folklore and traditions of the five partner countries

    Portugal - musical instruments

    Latvia – dances

    Italy – folk music

    Spain - monuments and festivities

    Turkey–Turkish Youth Festival - presentation of results



    Tasks to be carried out or presented at international meetings will be prepared beforehand by all partners and published on TS. During students exchanges multicultural groups will accomplish activities cooperatively using creativity and digital tools. After meetings follow-up activities at each school are developed and disseminated.


    News on the local and regional press

    Workshops and training events

    Logotype and Mascot

    Digital storybook with traditional instruments

    Presentations about local and international bards and folklore

    Presentation of traditional costumes

    Folklore Calendar

    Film of the multilingual choir

    Film of the dance contest

    "Fallas" theatre


    Best Moments Film

    Multicultural Digital Quiz

    Turkish Youth Festival


    The project DMB will have a long-term impact on participating teachers and students and also on the school and surrounding communities of the partner institutions. The sustainability of this project is guaranteed by its results. Digital and physical books, calendars, videos, audios and costumes will be available in the partner schools and in community libraries long after the project’s lifetime. All materials will also be available on public Twinspace pages for a vaster public to benefit from this project in long-term. Also, social, intercultural and digital skills acquired by the involved students will turn them into creative, entrepreneurial and tolerant European citizens of the 21st century.