Museum der Kulturen - Museum of Cultures


This project was created to accompany and enrich an Erasmus + Projekt. The main idea consist of creating „boxes“ from the fields of arts, music, history, politics, food, literature, oral tradition, architecture, sports, science, film, philosophy etc. . The choice of subjects is followed by a survey within the study group in which the students individually name the 10 books, films, songs, etc., which in their view are typical / representative of their own culture. The next step is a survey in which the students from the partner countries each name their prior knowledge of the achievements of the other countries. After the evaluation of the survey results, the concrete work on the topics follows. The task of each learning group is the research on the chosen topic and the preparation of a varied presentation of the results. In order to fill the box, which contains the respective topic, the learning group should proceed in a division of labor in order to create a multitude of products.

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