Neverending eTwinning


The idea of this project is to use the book by Michael Ende: "Neverending story" to carry out a series of collaborative activities, among the participating schools, which will be related not only with the promotion of reading by working on different aspects of the book, but also other important aspects in our common European environment, such as democratic participation, respect and understanding, communication and collaborative work. This will be promoted so as to obtain a common result in which everyone will have the opportunity to participate and collaborate. We will start from a common premise: Fantastica’s Childlike Empress is dying because of a terrible ‘nothing’ that is consuming her Galaxy. Boys and girls increasingly read less, which is causing the disappearing of the Fantasia’s Galaxy, and with it, its Childlike Empress. We are going to create a new galaxy, a democratic one to replace Fantastica and to save the Childlike Empress.

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