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  • Belém's Tower Photomanipulation

    Nowadays Picture of Belém Tower

    Ancient Belém's Tower Picture

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    Olhão's Markets Photo Manipulation

    Nowadays Olhão's Markets Picture


    Ancient Olhão's Markets Picture


    Old Commercial Street - Rua de Santo António, Faro, Portugal - 1962.

    Rua de Santo António, Faro, Portugal - 2020's


    Manipulation of the photos of Rua de Santo António.

    Santo António Street in Faro in 1962 and today. This is a commercial street with many shops. In the past cars crossed this street, as you can see by the traffic signs,  but today it's a pedestrian street and the road was covered with the beautiful and unique "calçada portuguesa" (portuguese decorated sidewalk), for that reason you can see the cloths that cover the street to provide shadow for the pedestrians. Back in 1962 the streets were decorated for Christmas as they still are today.