Portugal Mobility

  • Portugal Mobility 

    The mobility was 6th October to 13 october when our spanish students arrive at home. 

    The morning after arrival, and after a night of dinner and Portuguese Fados, on October 7 the group visited Ria Formosa Natural Park, as well as the boat ride the islands of Olhao. The important thing about this day is that the students already had the opportunity and share with the students who participated directly in the Project.

    On October 8, 2019 after breakfast at the host school, the team went to visit the production of Oil in Santa Catarina, on this visit the Spanish team was able to observe the common features that we have in our related cultures.  He took advantage of the visit to Tavira to remember the Workshop that Poland offered us on his visit to work the photographers, so that we could make the digital book by editing the photographs of the past with the perspective of today.  A book collecting photos from all countries will be edited, selecting up to three mobility photographs. After this workshop the palace and its gallery were visited. This day was part of a connection via Skype with Spain, since ErasmusDay was held and families were invited to be able to present to them by the students what was assuming participation in the project, and what it had meant.

    On October 9th the day of the Valencian community, the market of Olhao was visited,as well as theguided tour of the historic center, the visit to the maritime museum and dedicated the afternoon to the elaboration of the activities of the workshop in the school.

    October 10 was the last day in Olhao,as the next day the group learned it would depart for Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. After breakfast at the school, a number of  water activities were carried out as well as sailing for students in the islands of Faro. A typical Portuguese meal was attended in the center of Faro. The center, the Cathedral, the Municipal Museum, was visited and the laying dinner was held at the host school, with the elaboration by the dinner students the same as part of their learning activities.

    On Friday the 11th, the whole team left for Lisbon. In the afternoon, the National's Tiles Museum was visited with a workshop for students with ceramics.   It was a very intense day so the retreat for the last day was early.

    On 12 October, On Friday, UNESCO World heritage  Lisbon  mouments:  Bellem's Tower and Jeronimo's monastery were  students work one of the axes that vertebrates the project such as cultural heritage, as well as gastronomy, when visiting the riverside market where it waste.

    Throughout this trip, students were able to know the natural landscapes that identify Olhao, its gastronomy, as well as its cultural heritage in the culture of the Fados, the Oil, which so many links it has with our country.


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