The new Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

Two dolls, one of Don Quixote and another one of Sancho Panza, are going to visit different schools, having adventures and knowing your cities.

Project Journal

  • Please we must try to find the Puppets to go on the project!!
    - Posted by christos bogiatzis, 10.01.2017

  • Puppets are lost, no response from two last participants.
    I dont really know if I can go on with this.
    - Posted by Gustavo Mora, 23.12.2016

  • Hi Gustavo, is anything new with the project? Will the project continue even without the puppets?
    What is your opinion ?
    Daniela, Slovakia
    - Posted by Daniela LeŇ°tinsk√°, 07.12.2016

  • Please Gustavo tell us about the puppets where are they?if we have any chance to see them in oyr shcool of peraia-Thessaloniki.
    - Posted by christos bogiatzis, 27.10.2016

  • Hello, Dora and collegues.
    I have to find out where the puppets are, as after summer I dont know where they went.
    I apologyse for the delay. I was thinking about buying another couple of puppets, but they are quite expensive and my family is increasing, so I have to use my money for another 'things'.
    - Posted by Gustavo Mora, 13.10.2016