Donner l'envie d'Europe! / Let's be Europeans!

E.C.I. : European Citizenship and Interculturality --> Memories --> Migrations --> Durability Possible subtopics proposed by the teachers: 1-War memories, Peace memories = family memory or individual testimonies of war, memory of peace and European construction. Inter-generational survey, confrontations, perspective in different countries. 2- Yesterday’s migration, today’s migration = work on migration journeys, comparing views on reciprocal immigration, for ex. in France and Spain. = Theatrical work on the portrait: writing and voice directing (French literature teacher, theatre workshop). 3- For/Towards a Sustainable and lasting Europe: durability of the European project, for ex. through environmental issues and interculturality. - Comparing the choices of each partner-country in terms of sustainable devt in analysing ex. - Analysing the various sustainable devt policies: how does each country take into account the EU's willingness to implement the UN's goals?

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