Seeing and tasting creatively

The project involves active cooperation between Garliava Jonučiai Gymnasium, Kaunas region , Lithuania and Friedrich-Fröbel-Schule, Viernheim, Bergstrasse region , Germany in teaching/learning/practising photography, painting and culinary while integrating them into school curriculum or after curricular activities thus developing teaching methodology and practical skills. Participation in the project would help the teachers to exchange their strongest competencies, to acquire more knowledge in methodology and develop practice skills in the sphere of art (photography, painting, design and culinary) and finally make the schools more aesthetic. Alongside with that, they will develop their communicative and foreign language competencies together with digital literacy and usage of other modern technologies. The students will be given a unique possibility to participate in mixed group learning sessions and to improve their artistic skills, gain inter-cultural competences. The project is mainly based on the development of students' artistic skills. Garliava Jonuciai Gymnasium can praise for its highly qualified art teachers and students' achievements in different regional, national and international art competitions, mainly in painting. However, there are always students who want to realize themselves in photography but the school cannot provide them with the possibility of professional guidance in this sphere. The cooperation with Friedrich-Fröbel-Schule, Viernheim could help solve this problem. During the second year exhibitions of the best students' works will be held in either participant country. Finally, a book with the best photographs and paintings will be designed and released. In culinary, it is planned to focus on the acquaintance with each other's national cuisine, exchange of recipes and cooking the products. The process of cooking and the final product will be photographed as well. The recipes and the photos will finally be included in a cookery book which will be later used as a teaching tool.

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