Activity 2 (vocabulary/dictionary)

  • Activity 2 - please complete both tasks this time

    27.04-24.05 - timing 4 weeks (school breaks incl.)

    This time our task is to work with vocabulary connected with clothing.

    As a result we will create "A Trilingual E-dictionary of Clothing" (FlipSnack) which will be later used as a help guide in creation of e-fashon magazine.

    Task 1:

    For teachers: preteach/ or revise all neccesary vocabulary connected with clothing. How to do this? You know your students best - however here are some tips and possible help:

    1. You can use quizlet to revise known vocabulary, example:

    2. Show picture dictionaries to your students, let them explore them and learn how they work. You will find some ideas how to use pix dictionaries with children during classes on . 

    3. You can use Learning Apps to create clothes games or you can search for ready- made games there.

    This is an example of a ready-made game:

    Any idea that is going to bring your students closer to clothes vocabulary will be great.

    Once you teach/revise neccessary vocabulary, go to TASK2.

    Task 2:

    Each partner is responsible for different set of letters: 

    Turkey A,C,E,G,I,K,M,O,Q,S,U,W,Y

    Poland B,D,F,H,J,L,N,P,R,T,V,X,Z

    Please make your students choose the letter/letters from the set and ask them to find as many names of clothes starting with their particular letter as possible. Please cover all given letters.Next, make kids draw A4 format pictures of the clothes. Take photos of kids holding pictures and load them into a special folder called e-dictionary pictures (you can find it in Images).
    Please also use Pages (e-dictionary wordlst) and put all words in English language that you created, I'll do the same. 
    Than, pls translate into Turkish, and I'll do translation into Polish. Deadline for picture and wordlist creation is  22 May. During the weekend 23-24 May, I will put all pictures and words into FilpSnack e-dictionary. After that weekend we will start Activity 3.

    To ilustrate what I expect to have from our students: - this is JUST AN EXAMPLE.

    GOOD LUCK WITH THE TASKS :) :) :)!!!