1. Project Plan

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    Here's a rough project plan. We'll discuss and set the deadlines as we go.


    Introductory phase

    1. The partner schools create “Hello” presentations to introduce their teams, schools, towns and countries and upload them to TwinSpace. 

          a)   'Partner Schools' : each of us prepares presentation about themselves - school, pupils, teachers; the  presentation should be created in Slideshare - 8 slides:    (Deadline for uploading: Monday 4.05 )

    • 1.The first slide contains the name and logo of school, town, country and a general school picture. 

    • 2-3. some facts about school with pictures

    • 4-5-6. about pupils- age, class, pupils at lessons, pupils at breaks, school clubs...

    • 7-8. about teachers...


          b)   'Partner towns' : presentation in 'Emaze' https://app.emaze.com (5 attractive facts about

               your town).  (deadline for uploading: Monady 18.05)


          c)   'Partner  countries': presentation of each country (with folk music) in 'Powtoon' (5 attractive facts)               http://www.powtoon.com (deadline for uploading: Monday 1.06)


           d)  'Our profiles' (with own picture) on the country Padlet wall http://www.padlet.com                                       (deadline for uploading:  Monday 21.09)



    2. Feedback of introductory phase


    3. Partner schools hold logo competition in their schools (according to the logo contest criteria & tips. Each school uploads 3 best logos to TwinSpace. The participants vote for the best 3 and the jury votes for the best one (Time: 1 month).

    4. Logo contest voting

    Teachers will also communicate through videoconference and e-mails. They will focus on designing material and activities for students where they can develop Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences: logical, musical, visual, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, interpersonal, naturalistic and linguistic intelligences (with special focus on linguistic strategies).



    The task for the pupils is to do research (quizzes, questionnaires, forum discussions, comments under articles) on similarities and differences between all partner schools.

    The task for the teachers is to encourage the pupils to visit partner schools' subpages (in order to read the articles and write comments, do the quizzes and questionnaires) as well as the TwinSpace forum.


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    Holidays at my home and at my school then and now:

    The task for the pupils is to do research on sources of customes, holiday decorations etc. as well as school celebrations

    The task for the teachers is to organize meetings/interviews with former pupils/parents/grandparents in order to help the pupils search if and how school festivals have changed over the years.



    The task for the pupils is to design puzzles on family holidays: photos of various celebrations and the instruction: Guess what we celebrate!

    The task for the teachers is to help the pupils to make the puzzles interesting, e.g. to help them choose such photos or format the photos in such a way that the answer is not so obvious.

    Have fun!


    The task for the pupils is to make PowerPoint presentations on daily routines at the local level. After that, the joint comparative presentations at the international level will be prepared.

    The task for the teachers is to organize skype contact between the pupils of all partner schools and to help the pupils to prepare the PowerPoint presentations.


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