Mother's Day

The aim of the project is to prepare a video presentation of Students' mothers, create a collage of common photos and describe how this celebration is held in the teenagers' families. Furthermore, the project should highlight the role of mom in difficult, adolescence period of time :)


    Project Journal

    • The time is running and I think that slowly we can end our project. The cooperation was the best ever since I've taken part in etwinning, so thank U very much :) I hope, sometime we could work together again, U can count on me if you'll need a project partner. Let us know if you have any more materials. I think that we could close the project on 15th June, do you agree?
      - Posted by Paulina Szramke, 08.06.2015

    • Enjoy watching the videos and collages, they're great! You can find them in the videos folder but also materials>files. Have a nice watching ;D
      - Posted by Paulina Szramke, 28.05.2015

    • I can add it too.
      - Posted by Agata Gańska, 09.04.2015

    • OK, I've created a page "Introductions" Please, let me know if you are able to create your pages under it :)
      - Posted by Paulina Szramke, 08.04.2015

    • Let's start :)
      - Posted by Paulina Szramke, 30.03.2015