Games in learnig by doing

Our project has started as a means of helping early school leaving students and overcome barriers. The involved schools carried out the survey and the results show the problems and the challenges we have been facing. The aim of this project is to decrease the rate of the early school leaving for the target group 11-15 year-olds. Eurostat statistics on ESL have shown that more than six million young Europeans (age 18-24) left school in 2009 with only lower secondary education or less. Although this number has dropped to five and a half million people in 2012, the issue of ESL is still worrying considering its severe consequences to individuals and society. Early school leaving involve the risk of unemployment and less participation in democratic processes. It deprives young people of the possibility to engage in lifelong learning and puts them at risk of exclusion from society. Early school leaving is European countries' common problem.

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