• Scene 1


    Blair is waking up really sleepy with dark undereye circles and confused black hair. Slowly she is sitting up on her white bed in her bedroom with pink and white painted walls and is staring confusedly at the floor. With slow steps she is going to the bathroom with a big circular mirror and her makeup and moisturizers are everywhere. She is looking terrified herself. Her face is unevenly colored and she is having spots all over her forehead. The hair had been made into a ponytail the night before, that is why a lot of flyaways are framing her face and the pink rubberband is lying a bit underneath her shoulders and on her pink silk pjama.


    Scene 2


    Blair is putting her hair up tightly and is beginning her daily makeup routine. She is looking concentratedly while she is slowly working her Nars sheer glow foundation and her Maybelline Age Rewinder concealer with a beauty blender into her face. While she is mattefying her face with the Laura Mercier powder, she is listening to James Bay`s Album "Chaos and the Calm". The song "Let it go" reminds her of her boyfriend, who she is going to spend the day with. That reminder is making her smile.


    Scene 3


    At six pm Blair is completely finished with getting ready. Her makeup is really simple and her black long wavy hair is lying on top of her white long sleeve crop top. She is also wearing a light-washed high waisted jeans. To top it all off she is throwing over her champagne colored chanel clutch.


    While she is sitting on her bed her boyfriend Chuck is calling her with an excited voice: "Hey darling, I´m standing in front of your house. Ready?"

    Blair is smiling totally in love and is answering: "Yeah, give me a sec!"

    Grabbing her bag, she is running out the door quickly and is falling into his arms.


    Scene 4


    Chuck and Blair are standing in her garden and are being surrounded by a huge amount of red roses. Chuck is wearing a white loose t-shirt and some easily put on jeans.


    "I´m so happy we´re going to the concert, you know?", Blair is telling Chuck, while she is looking at him like she was hungry and he is food.

    Chuck is answering with a warm voice and an attraktiv half smile:"Only the best for my sweetheart."

    They are getting into Chuck`s black limo, while the driver is opening the doors. He´s wearing a black suit and a white shirt. He is asking emotionless, but gentlemanly: "We´re we going?"

    Blair: "To James Bay´s concert here in Paris."


    Scene 5


    They are arriving after 20 Minutes at the concert hall. They`re holding hands, are laughing, basically they are just looking happy. The hall is fully filled and full of live. Chuck and Blair are sitting down on their seats in the front row. Excitedly they are waiting for the singer to appear on stage.

    Scene 6:


    Throughout the concert, they are singing laughing and are having a lot of fun. Suddenly a group of people with all kinds of guns are appering at the hall. They are wearing all black and Blair is being able to tell the difference between those guys and them. But everyone else is thinking, that they´re part of the show. The people around her are being thrilled by the weird show. Her confusion is being seen on her face impressions. But still everything seems fine.

    Scene 7:


    Suddenly the shoots are beginning. The people are screaming, crying and Chucks and Blairs` faces are both horrified. Tears are flowing down Blair`s cheeks, while she has no idea what is going on. Seeing the people surrounding her dead or falling down is making her scream desperately. Chuck is being scared and is holding her mouth shut. 

    Scene 8:


    Blair is feeling a pressure going through her body. The confusion and fear is totally being seen in her eyes, until somebody is tearing her down. And then she is finally realising what is happening. Chuck is being hit by a bullet in his stomach. Blood is all over Blair`s top, while she is desperately hoping that he´s going to survive this. Her many tears are falling on top of his wounds. She is still lying next to him, crying, sad and with no motivation to live on.


    But suddenly a person behind her is screaming at her: "Pretend to be dead! Now!!!"

    She is trying to not make any sound, while her whole world is falling apart. Really quietly and broken she is saying to Chuck, with all her love bundled together:

    "I love you.. Always have, always will."


    Wow, Esra, a truly amazing story that starts out so innocently (I did not even know so many different kinds of makeup exist) and finishes so dramatically!


    Well done!


    Hey Isabel! I think you did a great job, but I´m afraid you did not notice Blair´s outfit description, when she leaves for the concert.Other than that you did everything alright.


    Hey Marte! I think you did an gorgeous job, because you considered all the informations in the script!