LORESU - Let's Study Local and Regional Subjects at School

The main objective of this project is to study, promote and value the study of school contents of a more regional and local nature. In such a context that is the reality of the EU and even of some of the partner countries, sometimes the populations and students are so absorbed by events of a more national and international dimension that they end up marginalizing what surrounds them. If we are speaking objectively of their objects of study, and of their school curricula, sometimes they do not refer to local and regional issues at any time. If we take into account content from disciplines such as History, Biology, National Languages, Geography, Music, Visual and Technological Arts, there can be immense opportunities in which schools, and their main actors, students and teachers, can study the topics stipulated for their study cycles with the use of regional and local support. Erasmus + KA2 project

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