Designing a 3D printer

  • Lithuanians are continuing the project activities. Our students were working on their projects during the quarantine period. The first work to be presented is made by our school leaver Modestas (actually, the same Modestas who was explaining how to design objects during our meeting in Lithuania). On 2nd of June he presented his project "3D printer" in ZOOM during the Future Engineering conference (organizer: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University).

    Modestas wrote "I built the 3D printer because I wanted a 3D printer but didn’t have enough money to buy one. This project cost me about 50 to 60 euros. It’s made from a 3D printed frame and stepper motors from DVD-ROMS also other essential electronics like the motherboard. The power for it comes from an ATX power supply which is going to have to be changed because of the over current protection causing problems. The code for it is just Marlin software with some modifications. The build volume is 40x40x40 mm that is enough for small parts and other knickknacks. The quality should be comparable to some of the cheapest 3D printers you can find so this is enough for my purposes of making simple parts. The only problem is that the over current protection on the power supply stops the extruder motor from spinning while the printer is operating and that’s why I haven’t been able to print anything yet."