• With this Science Experiments integtrated in Physics Classes, the students experimented related to mechanical and kinamethic phenomena with gears,
    slip or roll on an inclined plane,friction and free fall with robots for introducing
    "Force and Motion" .

    The students will construct a good gear system to keep the robot moving.They
    find answer to these questions;

    What is the relationship between the gears and distance travelled?

    What is the relationship between inclination angle and amount of energy used?

    How is the friction factor (coefficient of friction) determined?
    The aim of this activity to show students forces being needed to cause objects to stop or start moving, or to change their speed or direction of motion (qualitative only) change depending on direction of force and its size.







    Objects begin to slip or roll on an inclined plane.This phonemenon can be observed on playground slides.
    A vehicle driving up an inclined plane requires more energy than one driving across a horizontal plane when travelling the same distance.You can see this while driving a bike - more force is required when biking the same distance uphill.