Physics and 3D printer

  •     3D printing technology allows create, invent, and solve problems to
    experience these in an amazingly unique way.The teachers in each partner country prepared a lesson plan by using their 3D printed real objects and used their own printed 3D materials in Science classes as a teaching material in their lesson plans.


    In this leeson, the physics teacher explains the how the surface of the solid affects Force and Pressure.If a force is applied over a smaller surface area you get a larger pressure.

    Think about these two situations:

    1. Pushing a drawing pin into a wall pointy end towards the wall.
    2. Pushing a drawing pin into a wall pointy end towards your thumb.

    Two similar activities with two very different results.

    The reason for this is the difference in pressure. Assuming the same force is applied, each case would have a different pressure acting on the thumb. In the first attempt the thumb pushes on a large area (plained 3D material)so the force is spread out and the pressure is low. In the second attemp the force is concentrated on a small area (pointed 3D material) so the pressure is much higher.