Future Engineering in Lithuania

  • “Eimantas, Vakaris and Modestas participated in an event held by Vilniaus Gedimino technology university or VGTU for short. There we presented a home climate system and an electric motor which was built mostly from 3D printed parts. The home climate system was made by Vakaris Toleikis and Eimantas Kardasius. The home system used an Arduino nano, temperature and humidity sensor a gas sensor and a Bluetooth module so the entire system could be controlled from a phone. The system checked the airs temperature, humidity and the levels of other gases such as carbon dioxide then displayed the readings on the screen. The purpose of this is to let the user know of the air quality in the house and warn them if there are dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the room which are not always visible. The project was not entirely finished and was missing the housing which was meant to hold all the Arduino components. The other project was an electric motor made with 3d printed parts except for the magnet and copper wires which are essential for the motor to work. The plastic motor was made by Modestas Stravinskas. The motors purpose was to do simpler jobs that don’t require a very sturdy motor this includes fans, toys or other small gadgets. Since the outside of the motor case is entirely 3D printed it can be changed to fit or attach to other objects this gives it a lot of versatility. Because the motor is mostly plastic it can be melted down leaving only the metal parts that can then be put in another motor.”

    Student Modestas