On May 19, 2019, groups of students with coordinators and teachers from Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Spain arrived in Warsaw, Poland.

    The groups met on Monday (on 20 may, 2019)  and visited Warsaw. The program included visit to the old town, a visit to the Palace of Culture and Science and museums of the capital of Poland. Po ciekawie spędzonym dniu w Warszawie, nasi partnerzy przyjechali do Kutna, gdzie mieli wynajęty hotel. The day ended with dinner at the restaurant.

    On Tuesday we had planned a trip to Łódź, which is the second largest city in Poland. It was a district of textile industry. Currently, it is a centre for the development of new technologies. Most of the computer companies, including Fujitsu and Siemens, have their offices in this city. At the Technical University of Lodz our students took part in workshops on arduino programming. The students used a motherboard with an integrated arduino module, specially designed by engineers from the university, in the programming. The workshop was very popular with the students. They got to know and programmed the devices they hadn't used before. Po zajęciach zwiedzaliśmy stare miasto w Łodzi.

    After classes we visited the old town of Lodz. Students had the opportunity to visit the buildings of the largest textile manufactory, which are now a gallery. They visited the museum of a textile factory and learned about the history of textile industry in Lodz. They could see old weaving machines in action. It was a day full of excitement. We returned to Kutno for dinner.


    On Wednesday the groups came to Żychlin. The program included a sightseeing tour of the city. Meeting with the mayor in the mayor's office. Arrival at school, meeting with the headmaster and activities for students and for coordinators - summary and planning of the next stages of the project. After the classes, we went to visit the museum, which is located in a gothic castle surrounded by a park. Everyone had a lunch prepared on the spot, where typical Polish dishes were served. In the evening, the ceremony of awarding certificates took place in the restaurant. The young people played with music from different countries. After the ceremony the students returned to the hotel.

    On Thursday we went to the city of Toruń, which lies on the Vistula River, the longest river in Poland. It is a very old town, famous for its monuments, centuries-old history, gingerbread production and as a very interesting tourist point. The famous Polish astronaut Nicolaus Copernicus was born in this city. Currently, the city has a Nicolaus Copernicus University, which is known in the world.

    Students visited the old town of Torun, took a walk along the Vistula, bought souvenirs. All participants took part in workshops in the "Gingerbread Museum". The fun was great. Students could make gingerbread by themselves according to an old recipe. They also saw how the technology of gingerbread production had changed over the centuries.  

    The last day of the stay began with the participation of young people in a scientific picnic at our school, which takes place every year. The students watched and participated in various chemical and physical experiments. They were very interested in the shows. After arriving in Warsaw, the participants visited with a guide the following places the capital city, and they've learned of its turbulent history. It was hard to say goodbye. The groups went to their hotels. We look forward to the next meeting in Spain.