• Teachers and students from all the partner schools in Italy, Spain Portugal Poland and lithuania have met the coordinator school and town in Afyon.

    The meeting has been Rich in events and activities such as Lego Ev3 space challenge demonstrations, Arduino uno programming sessions and engineering modelling. Representatives of local authorities from the town hall and province have been present and have met all the partecipants.

    The five days of the meeting have been intense and full with visits to a local mineral water factory, local museums, historical centers, thermal resorts and school, sports facilities.

    The headmaster of the school has personally met and welcomed the delegations from the 5 guest schools. He has kindly handed formal written invitations for the final ceremony of certificate distribution that has taken place on thursday, 4th April. On Friday 5  the groups that were willing to do so where accompanied to the capital Istanbul by the host school teachers and coordinator of the project. Students and teachers were shown around the most prominent monuments and historical sites of Istanbul. The visit was very interesting and important from any point of view.

    The last day of the meeting, that is 6 of April, was dedicated to travels back the participants’ countries.

    Certainly all the students and teachers taking part in the event will keep wonderful Memories this event.

    The students and teachers were also able to learn a lot about Maths, Science and Technology taught with the aid of robotics and microcontrollers as it was the core of all school activities as well as have a chance to improve their practical command of the english language that was necessary to communicate among participants.

    During the workshops of 2 April the groups successfully prepared Lego Ev3 kit robots that acted as a tourist guides. The robots were capable of moving and at the same time, to relate about the town home to the school that made it.

    Right after that, the teams were asked to program an Arduino uno microcontroller that would turn on LED lights every time an object was placed at a distance of 20, 25 cm from its ultrasonic sensor.

    Later, all the teams were busy building a bridge made of wooden sticks and glue capable of supporting considerable weights without breaking up. All the bridges were tested one by one and all proved to be in working conditions and successfully made.

    Afyon looks like a quiet typical Turkish town of the interior where traditions are cherished and followed. The the facility hosting all the groups was a facility  reserved for school personnel and for helping tourism in the area. This means that all participants could get a clear impression of all the characters of the country as they can be found in towns like Afyon that are far from the main tourist destinations and so more real and truer to the spirit of the population.