How do I turn on an array of LEDs?

  •   In this activity, the students made their Arduino board blink an LED.

    Required Parts

    • Arduino Uno Board
    • Breadboard – half size
    • Jumper Wires
    • USB Cable
    • LED (5mm)
    • 220 Ohm Resistor

    For this activity, the students connected three or more LEDs to the digital outputs of the microcontroller by using a prototyping board, some resistor and some wires. After blinking each one individually, they tried to create a sequence of lightning changing order and timing.The students have also discovered how to build their first circuit using jumpers, bread board and resistors, and program to control an LED with Arduino. 

    Step 1 – Insert black jumper wire into the GND (Ground) pin on the Arduino and then in the GND rail of the breadboard row 15

    Step 2 – Insert red jumper wire into pin 13 on the Arduino and then the other end into F7 on the breadboard

    Step 3 – Place the LONG leg of the LED into H7

    Step 4 – Place the SHORT leg of the LED into H4

    Step 5 – Bend both legs of a 220 Ohm resistor and place one leg in the GND rail around row 4 and other leg in I4

    Step 6 – Connect the Arduino Uno to your computer via USB cable

      The aim is to construct a simple circuit to detect lightnings with an Arduino and produce meaningful results and to enhance student learning by engaging them in a contextualized project-based learning experience and introducing them to fundamental computing and engineering concepts in the context of a highly visual and easy to use environment.