Being Online

  • What do you usually do online? February 2020

    Daria Pop Ro 💕

    I usually do a lot of things online. Like, i'm watching Netflix, insta gram or YouTube. I love watching tv shows. But I'm not stay just on netflix. I often look at the erasmus+ group to see what activities I have to do.

    Darius Sava Ro🤞💖

    I usually do a lot of things online. For example, I watch a lot of movies and serials on netflix, I watch YouTbe on the people I follow but most often I intro on Instagram. I really like these applications.

    Katica Sziklavari Ro💜

    I usually do a lot of things online.Like, i’m watching TikTok, Instagram,Snapchat or YouTube.
    I often look at the Erasmus+ group to see what activities I have to do.

    Ingrid Matyus Ro

    I usually do a lot of things online. I watch a lot of series and movies on Netflix. But i'm not stay just on Netflix. My favorite applictions are Snapchat, Instgram and TikTok. I often look at the erasmus+ group to see what activities I have to do.

    Cynthia Bogdan RO

    I usually watch movies on Netflix or Youtube videos, but I spend a lot of time on Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook I often look at the erasmus+ to see the activities

    Dan Muresan Ro🌚

    I don't surf the internet too much because I don't have time,but in my free time I look on netflix or instagram.

    Dan Mureșan Ro

    I don't surf the internet too much,because I don't have time,but in my free time I look on netflix or instagram.

    Gabriel Temes RO

    Usually on the internet I watch: netflix or YouTube on fortnite because I really like this game.

    Andra Ro

    I usually listen to music so I can relax . I also do a lot of other things like doing art watching movies and series or reading online books.

    Amabela Tamaño, SP

    Online, I usually go and chat with my friends around the world. Another thing I usually do is watch and make videos, animation videos to be exact. Most of the time I read online books, specially on Wattpad, I even have a book written there. I'm usually the type of person that's always online and in all honesty, I don't mind being called that.

    Pop Carla Ro🇹🇩😊

    I usually watch Netflix, Instagram, tik-Tok and sometimes I even play games when I get bored. Most of the time I watch Netflix on different files or shows. And my favorite Sun Netflix Tik-Tok and Instagram. But I also look at Erasmus+

    Cristina Bolovan RO

    Usually, I do a lot of interesting things online. For example, I mostly watch TikTok, Instagram and Netflix. I really enjoy watching serials. I like these apps.

    Rusu Georgiana RO

    During my free time I choose to spend online, most of the time I’m staying on my favorite social networks, watching movies or listening to music. But sometimes, I like to research and learn new things every time I have the opportunity.

    Daroczi Eliza😘 RO

    I usually spend a lot of time oline, for example I listen to music watch You Tube and movies on Netflix, scroll on Instagram and Tik Tok, sometimes I check Snapchat,Facebook or Whatsapp to see if my friends texted me and I often look at the erasmus+ group to see what activities I have to do.

    Vlad Pop Ro😛

    I like to watch movies all the time on netflix. Most often I watch YouTube and Netflix. I like to watch on my phone because I watch my favorite show on netflix


    I do a lot of things online.I like to play games🎮.Of course I like to listen to music and watch movies or series🎬.I like to talk with my friends on social apps.

    Denis Simonca

    I usualy do a lot of things online, like playing games,watching videos or talking with friends but my favourite is watching Netflix.

    Denis Siminca RO

    I usually do a lot of things online, like playing games, watching movies or talking with friends, but my favourite thing on online is to watch Netflix.

    Angelina Martins - Portugal

    Internet is usually our second home. We spent lots of time. Music, videos... social networks.. I like this way of live...

    Bia Soares - Portugal

    I don't know how to live without being online.. I love to sing.. I use internet to live...

    Barbara Marques - Portugal

    Being Online is Being alive. For good things, sometimes for not so good things... But we can always be in touch with our Erasmus friends...

    Ismael Tenda - PT

    I use internet to play, to study, to be in touch with my friebds and even family.

    Joana Barbosa - PT

    I try to be online only for "good things", but who knows... I'm just like the others... But is very important to be connected to the people I need..

    Maria João - PT

    At my age I'm onLine 24/7.. My parents not always agree.. But even to contact them... And is a way to be open to the world...

    Shahmir Gul - 🇪🇸

    I usually do a lot of things online. Like, I watch movies and series on Netflix, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or Youtube and I love listening to songs while I am studying, reading or doing exercises. Some times I read comics online. I love visiting the ERASMUS+ website I usually talk with my friends and family.
    THAT'S ALL!!!!!😊✌️😇

    Frida Frydenlund NO

    Most of the time when I'm online I am either Watching movies and series, Playing games or use social media. ;)

    Ulrik Alexandersen no

    I usually go oline to play games, talk to people on social media, look up facts for schoolwork or for everyday use.

    Othelie Dypaune NO

    Online, I usually watch series on Netflix and text with my friends and family. I am a lot on social media, like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. At school, we use the internet almost all the time.

    Rakel S NO

    I'm usually watching eighter YouTube or Tiktok when i'm online. Social media is a big part of my everyday life so you'll find me there most of the time.. you'll most likely catch me listening to music 90% of the time. If i'm being totally honest, i'd say my life is Online

    Ragnhild NO😗✌🏼

    Online, I usually chat with my friends, and I watch tiktok, youtube, instagram and snapchat.

    Elin Flatmo NO

    I usually spend a lot of my time online because I really like to read but I don’t have enough books (because i could get bored by books that I have already read) I do also really like to listen to music, watching youtube, netflix and talking to my friends

    Rikke (Rikkie) NO

    It does not go a day by where im not online, or trying to go online. I spend most of my time on facetime, but when im not on facetime i go to snapchat, instagram, Youtube and netflix. The most common teenager apps. I love making instagram posts and show off the photos in my camera roll. Sharing some of my life online is kind of what makes my life interesting for me. I also go alot online to google things and get information. You can get alot of inspiration and creativity. I also like to play games on my gaming pc and playstation. There is not a day where you see me not wearing my headphones and listening to music. Music gives me life like nothing else, u get confident and can let loose. The internet is pretty much my second home.

    Larisa Ro

    I mostly stay on tiktok it’s my fav app but i also enjoy playing some games.I sometimes like to stay on Instagram and talk with somebody my friends or just look at posts.

    Kercsuly Erika RO

    I spend a lot of time online,usually watching Netflix,Tik Tok,Youtube and also I use Instagram and Snapchat a lot.I often look often at the Erasmus+ group to see what activities I need to do.

    Nikola. (NO) 🦆

    Well, I often enjoy reading fan fictions (on wattpad) as well as writing. And nevertheless listen to music. Did I mention that I love ducks? and not to forget, I enjoy talking to my friends. I don’t use social media often due to me spending most of my time on wattpad, but it doesn’t mean I don’t use social apps at all! well, thank you for using your time reading this if you did. Aight, I’m out. ✌️

    Mathias NO🇳🇴

    When I’m online, I usually wath youtube or scroll through reddit. I also sit a lot in front of my TV watching netflix or playing games with either my switch or playstation. When I’m on long trips I always have my headset with me, to listen to music with.

    Einar N. NO

    I usually surf online. I like to Play games like fps, adventure games, platforming (sometimes), free roam. Or racing/car games. Listen to alot of music. Use social medias such as snap, instagram, facebook. Watch alot of
    series/movies or short clips/videos.

    Eline NO

    Most of the time I’m online, I watch Netflix a lot. Like the most of my time I watch Netflix. I REALLY love Netflix😂 But I’m not on Netflix all the time, I’m playing games on my playstation too. I text my friends on snapchat very often. I do it when I’m playing games. I like to listening to music too.

    Christoph no🥳

    I don’t surf so often on social media or internet, but I use snapchat and I also play games occasionally.

    Barbara slo

    I use instagram and I watch youtube videos and films :)

    Hana SLO

    Hi...I use Tik tok, Instagram, WhacApp, Youtube, Facebook, Popcorn (for films), Pinterest and Snapchat. I usuali talk whit friends.

    Ala slo

    I watch youtube videos, use instagram and snapchat

    Jon slo

    I use online for watching youtube and playing computer games.

    Nejc slo

    I use online for mobile games and watching youtube.


    I usually watch youtube and facebook


    I usualy watch Tik Tok,I watch Youtube, Instagram,Snapchat.

    Julija SLO

    I use internet for talking with friends and for watching videos of food and people.

    Ariana SlO

    HI....I use only Tik tok and snapchat.Because I dont like being that much online.

    Zarja SLO

    Usually I use WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Viber and I realy like watch YouTube videos. And I talk with my friends.

    Maša SLO

    I usualy use YouToub, Instgram and Viber. I love watching videos on YouToub with my friends.

    Žana SLO

    I usually use Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube

    Naomi Bojan

    i usually like to listen music,watch movies and i play games

    Alex LucaciRO

    In the online environment I play fortunate with some friends. During my free time I am on instagram or youtube.

    Alex Lucaci

    In the online environment I play fortunate with some friends. During my free time I am on instagram or youtube.

    Georgiana Muresan📱

    No big deal I play games. watching serials or movies. when I do not know something I inform myself. and I watch YouTube. That's what I do online

    Sefora Lucacel

    I usually do a lot of things online.I watch movie on Netflix online,I watch on YouTube.My favorite applications are:Instragan,Facebook,Snapchat and Netflix.

    Hideg Antonia

    I usually do a lot of things online.I watch serials on Netflix and YouTube.I usually watch on Instagram,TikTok,Facebook and listen to music.

    Pintican Alisia Ro😁

    I usually do a lot of things online.I look at Instagram,Snapchat,Facebook and TikTok,i watching serials or movies on Netflix or YouTube,when i get bored playing games,i like to edit pictures/videos,and by the way i like to listen to music.


    when i am online i am on instagram ,snapchat. Sometimes I watching youtube

    Manja SLO

    I usually watch Tik Tok, watch youtube videos, use Instagram and snapchat.

    Manca slo

    When I am on the internet I am on instagram, snapchat and Tiktok. I usually watching youtube video.