Definition of tolerance

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    Tolerance, Larisa RO

    Tolerance is very important in our socety.We need to accept ourselfs and everyone else.Tolarence is the love that we show for peopel by accepting the way they act and they dress.

    My definition of tolerance, Cynthia RO

    My definition of tolerance is that you need to accept people how they are. For me is important to be
    tolerant because people are hurting other ones by discrimination, because they are different that doesn't mean they are not human. And it makes me sad to think that hundreds of people are not accepted because they are black or they are different. They are not different they are just beautiful in their own way.

    Rusu Georgiana Maria, RO

    I think tolerance is very important in our lives because we are the future. We are the ones who, for the next generations will be examples. And a good example knows how to handle certain situations , an example knows how to accept and become accepted. We are all the same. Regardlessof the material condition, color or nationality. Everyone should love and respect their neighbor.

    Doroteea, RO

    Tolerance is very important for people.We need to accept the others people.Not all people accept the people around they and that’s worng.Tolerance is the love,the respect,the understanding,the happines that we show for the humans

    Pop Daria. RO

    For mine tolerace is a very important thing because throungh tolerance you learn to be better. Tolerance consistent în the fact that there were no differences between children of a other religios or color. We are all The same. We are equal and we have equal rights. It's a very important thing. Tolerance is important. Learn to be tolerant! ❤️

    Georgiana, RO

    Tolerance is important. By tolerance we show love to others,respect,out kindness and many other things

    Sava Darius RO

    Tolerance is very important in everyday life. For example: A child from another country comes to us in Romania through the Erasmus project and has not yet found accommodation because it is different from us all and in order to accommodate it you should have a very high level of tolerance.

    Daroczi Eliza RO

    Tolerance is very important in our world now days and we all have to learn how to live in peace togheter! We need to learn how to treat every people on this planet the same way, it shouldn't mater if someone is not the same color or not the same religion as you and even if they are part of the LGBT+ comunity you should treat them in the same way as you would expect others to treat you, because at the end of the day everyone is special in there owne way,everyone is unique so be tolerant and live a happy life whit exepting people the way they are!

    Hugo Couto, SP

    For me, tolerance is respect, everybody needs to be tolerant with others. But this world is imperfect and there are people who discriminate others, they discriminate others because they aren't like they want. This is sad but it is the reality and there are injustices in this world. We can do something about it. And everybody needs to appreciate other people's lives.

    Amabela Celestial, SP

    To me, tolerance is an important part to our society, we maybe different but we have to accept ourselves and others for their individual flaws and beauties.
    We must learn to be tolerant and respectful towards others. Cause in the end of the day, we're all humans

    Tolerance, Jecelyn SP

    Tolerance is so important in this world, we need to accept people as we accept our selves. Tolerence is not discriminate on anything. Tolerece is the love, acceptation, respect of the persons who are around us. We can't discriminate because of their skin color or because they have a problem that it mark they life or by their sexual orientation. They have feeling too and your discriminate hurts to them. I hope this society learns to tolerate 💖🌹

    Krish Dharmani, SP

    tolerence is something that you have since you have born , is something that when it exeeds its limits,that tolerence ends and comes the anger.The best ways are to inhale oxigen and exhele oxigen and the another way is to thinking about something you like or possitive thinks.

    Paola González - SP

    For me tolerance is the power of respecting others, even thought we don't think equally.
    Tolerance is something we all should/must have, if we don't think the same as others we have to respect that and express ourselves in a good way, or basically just shut up if we can not control ourselves.
    The main point here is respect, all the time, in every situation, in every moment...
    Treat the other as you would like them to treat you, people say. Then if you want to me respect, you have to be tolerant with others no matter what differences you have.
    Tolerance is the key of everything.

    Giulia Catanas, RO

    By my opinion, tollerance is a form of respect towards another person. In the society in which we live it's necesarry to tolerate people, because we will be expelled from our group of friends if we don't do it . We are all special in our own way and we have to be nice with people who aren't like us, in all points of view. Tollerance means love.

    Tolerance, Emma NO

    Tolerance is very important. For me it's about accepting someone, and be willing to learn and respect others. We all have something special and uniqueness in ourselves, and that is the beauty of being human. You don't need to understand everything about a person or their beliefs, but you need to respect them and be willing to learn, and also accept that you are different. That's what I think Tolerance is about.

    Tolerance, Sarah No

    Tolerance for me is to have respect for each other. To tolerate how people are, their religion and what they like. We need to be tolerant to everybody💗

    Tolerance, Ragnhild NO

    Tolerance is something that is very important, but tolerance for me is to accept others for who they are and that everyone deserves equality.

    Tolerance, Mia SL

    Characteristics of a tolerant person are - among others - to show tolerance in education, towards ethnic, racial, religious differences

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    Tolerance, Andrijana, SL

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    Tolerance, Barbara SL

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    Mahrukh, SP

    Tolerance is people who respect each other, to respect another culture, language, religion, nation and all other differences.Tolerance is the quality of allowing other people to say and do as they like, even if you do not agree or approve of it.

    Xena González, SP.

    For me, tolerance is respecting others although were do not always agree. It is s important because all of us we're differet and we have different thoughts, for that we have to respect each other.

    Tolerance, Othelie NO

    Tolerance is important to make the comunity work. To me, tolerance is all about respecting each other. bBeing friendly comes from inside of you, and it comes naturaly. We would like to not hurt anyones feelings. We are learned from a very young age that we are going to treat other people with respect. Everyone is different and thats what makes the world so colorful and great.

    Tolerance, Rakel No

    Tolerance is something everybody has. People tolerate different things differently. Some tolerate more, and some less. But it’s important to respect peoples limits and their belifes, feelings, preferences, sexualities, oppinions and much more. You get the same energy you put out there. So the more you tolerate others, the more likely they are to tolerate you more. Maybe someones oppinions annoy you, but it’s their oppinions, not yours. You tolerate what you tolerate, and they tolerate what they tolerate. That’s the beauty of people. Everybody are unique💕

    Phrencis Mier, SP

    For me tolerance is what everybody should have. RESPECT is what I see a lot in other defenitions. It's easy to write it or say it. It's easy to say: I tolerate her/him or I respect him/her. But people just talk and not do it. People say it in your face but judge in you back. That's not right, that's not respecting others.You maybe tolerate them but you don't know their story or maybe you do, but you don't know his/her feelings because you haven't experienced it. Yes, you have to accept others but you have to respect yourself also.

    Kercsuly Erika.RO

    Tolerance is a big word in this world.If you use this word it means that you try anything to respect people and learn about them as much as you can.We are all different but for this you do not have to criticize them at first sight.The word tolerance means to accept people the way they are cuz everybody is beautiful in their owne way.

    Gladdy Mendoza. SP

    Tolerance is very important to our world and for me, is about respecting other people without hurting them by who they are, accept all the ways of thinking and acting even though you're different from them. In our world, no one is perfect but maybe we could help other people to realize everyone is important cuz, in the end, we're all the same. Humans, living in the SAME WORLD.


    tolerance means you can help and not be angry if you don't and try again.

    Ala SLO

    Tolerance is important, because we need to accept ourselves and other people. We are all equal. We need to learn to accept and respect other peoples opinions and ideas.

    Sumeja SLO

    Tolerance is important for people.We need to accept ourselves and other people.

    zarja slo

    For me, tolerance means that you have to respect something or be tolerant for people ... This is very important in life.

    žiga slo

    tolerance is very inportant in world

    Angelina Martins, 7.ºA, PT

    We had a spectacular class on tolerance. First, our religion teacher gave an introduction on the subject. Then a group of older English students, with their teacher performed a U2 song, Ordinary Love. After a debate we made an online questionnaire with the title: "Tolerance_in_one_word. And here is the result: "Comprehensive" - easily won.

    Andra, Ro

    tolerance is respecting other people and the love for another one

    tolerance, Ainhoa ES


    Denis Șimonca RO

    In my opinion tolerance is very important in society. We have to accept people as they are because we are all different. Tolerance means understanding, patience and respect. We all have something special. All people are different.

    Tolerance, Maya Lopez, SP

    The word tolerance is a hard one to describe. With out tolerance the whole world would be a war zone. Tolerance helps you stand the stuff you may not be a fan of. Life in general comes with tons of small things that you don't like, and with out tolerance everyone would go crazy. I guess that is my "definition" of tolerance.

    Tolerance, Afonso,Portugal

    I think tolerance is very important because teach us to be better people.
    Tolerance make us learn how to respect the others and be kind to them.

    Tolerance, João 8ºB, Portugal

    Tolerance is a definition for you to accept people as they are. Tolerant teachers are teachers who repeat the exercises for students many times.

    Tolerance, Ivo 8ºB, Portugal

    The capacity to endure continued subjection to conditions without adverse reaction


    Tolerance is very impotant for people. We need to accept ourselves and everyone else. Tolerance is the undrstanding, the love and respect to other people. We need to betolerant to everybody.

    Núria Asghar, SP

    Tolerance is the quality of let other people say and do as they like, even if you don't agree or you don't like it.

    Tolerance in general is necessary for life.
    We are in the 21st century where we all have the right to think and do what we want. We all have different ideologies and beliefs.
    We all have to respect others, just as we would like to be treated

    Momna Banaris, SP

    The fact that we are all different enriches us, but the ability to respect unites us.
    That is why I do not try to manipulate anyone's thought by letting to know my meaning for the term tolerance, probably the most known, but the least resorted;
    Actually this attitude is present in everyone, but not everyone gets to reveal this ability to forgive those who tend to speak instead of thinking.
    Tolerance begins by listening to understand, not to answer ...
    When you understand that there are more ways to see things, you will understand it ...

    Tarleen Singh Kaur, SP

    For me, tolerance is the ability to accept the opinions, beliefs, and feelings of others. Nowadays it is very important to be tolerant, it is like have respect, in my opinion. Although we don't think the same, we have to be tolerant.
    For example in school, for people who have slower learning. We have to understand it, not everyone has the same ability to learn fast, we must have empathy.

    Cristina BolovanRO

    Tolerance is very important almost every day of our lives. To tolerate means to support a person no matter what that person is, regardless of race, spoken language and physical appearance.