Discrimination lesson plans


    Liceul Tehnologic Octavian Goga Jibou, Romania

    Teacher: Melinda Nagy


    Age group: 12-14

    Aims of the activity:

    -Understand that some groups of people can be treated unfairly because of their characteristics.

    -Understand what is meant by discrimination.

    -Be able to identify negative and discriminatory behaviour

    Values and attitudes:

    -positive attitude towards equal treatment

    Materials used:

    -whiteboard, video projector, laptop, worksheets in ppt, online questionnaire, internet


    -Observation of participants during the debate

    -Feedback offered through discussions with participants

    -Interpretation of the online questionnaire applied at the end of the activity


    Description of activity:

    Activity 1: Students work in group to define discrimination. They present their definitions and discuss them.

    Activity 2: Forms of discrimination. With the aid of the slides, students discuss different forms of discrimination.

    Activity 3: Teacher presents students various cases of discrimination and discuss them together based on the prepared questions.

    Activity 4: Gender discrimination. Discussions about whether there are jobs only for women or only for men. Watching the video.


    Activity 5: Poster creation for an anti-discrimination campaign (of their choice).

    Discrimination lesson plan.docx

    Activitate discriminare.pptx


    Agrupamento de Escolas de Idães, Portugal

    Teacher: Luís Pereira


    Discrimination Class READINGFLIFE and CLIL.docx


    Discrimination Class in idães

    On Monday, 25th November, students from the 7th and 12th grades attended a conference on Discrimantion by Anna Barbosa representing NGO Empowerment Through Integration. 

    The 12th grade students involved had discussed and prepared a presentation for the 7th grade students before the conference.

    On the 25th, they interacted with the speaker for some moments. She made them use critical thinking towards pre-conveyed ideas on discrimination and later they used Mentimeter app to express their view on the topic in one word. 




    ETI promotes the achievement of a genuinely inclusive society through the recognition and elimination of stigma against disability, acknowledging and rejecting bias, and elevating respect for individual value.

    ETI advances its mission through groundbreaking initiatives that challenge stereotypes about people with disabilities, elevate marginalized voices and viewpoints, and promote a robust and authentic respect for individual value through the organizations.

    Our programs shift the collective narrative around disability and marginalization from one of denigration and helplessness to one of empowerment, inclusion, and diversity. Our holistic, grassroots approach focuses on youth, parents, and communities in social, work, family, community, educational, and policy spaces.

    Soon we will report with pictures the lesson plan above.



    discrimination lesson plan.docx


    Institut Consell de Cent, Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain

    Teachers: Eva Garcia and Gemma Guim

    Discrimination Lesson Plan (Institut Consell de Cent, Barcelona).pdf



    Lesson about discrimination.SLO