1st Semester: Tolerance/Non-discrimination/Migration

  • 1st SEPTEMBER 2019 - 31st JANUARY 2020


    Hostility to the religion of Islam, often with a perception of it as being violent and radical, and a danger to Western society. The myth of Islam as a religion of the sword was brought to Western Europe in the Middle Ages at the time of the Crusades (religious wars) and has survived. The terrorist attacks in the United States in 2001 (9/11) and other attacks have been used by anti-Islamists to portray all Muslims as radical fanatics.


    General rejection of Judaism (the religion and culture of Jewish people) and those who follow it (Jews) based on religious prejudice or competing religious beliefs. Judaism is presented as a danger to modern Western society. Anti-Judaism is sometimes also called religious antisemitism.

    Anti-Muslim racism

    Form of cultural racism against Muslims that considers Western cultures superior to Islamic cultures and mutually exclusive. Cultural symbols like a hijab or a turban may be used to judge and discriminate against groups of people.


    Antigypsyism describes the discrimination against Roma and Sinti or anyone perceived as being a ‘Gypsy’. The word ‘Gypsy’ is often used for Roma and Sinti and more generally for other travelling or socially excluded people, and is often considered offensive.

    There are strong, persistent myths linking Roma with a ‘traveling lifestyle’. Antigypsyist discrimination takes forms such as insults, assaults, ghettoisation, and exclusion from education and jobs. People may be forced to leave a country.

    Roma and Sinti were interned, sterilised and murdered during the National Socialist period (1933-45). This genocide, also known as Porajmos, was only officially recognised by Germany in 1982. Official state institutions such as the police in Germany and other countries continued to use the discriminatory definitions of Roma after the National Socialist period.

    Antigypsyism has continued and even increased in many European countries since the economic crisis. Discrimination against Roma and Sinti is even part of official government policies in some countries.


    Antisemitism is the most common term for hatred towards Jews. A homogeneous group of ‘Jews’ is constructed, and people are discriminated against on the basis of what a Jew is imagined to be.
    Antisemitism is a form of discrimination that goes back many centuries, often with a religious motivation. The term itself emerged in the 19th century and was based on racist ideology that was commonly accepted then. Antisemitism was a major factor in the National Socialists’ persecution of Jews during the Holocaust.

    Nowadays antisemitism is often related to the state of Israel (anti-Zionism), for example when Jews everywhere in the world are held responsible for actions by Israel or when Israel is judged by different standards than other democratic states.

    Conspiracy theories accusing Jews of wanting to do harm are still widespread, particularly on social media.


    Network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by Nazi Germany during the Second World War in occupied Poland. Auschwitz I was built to hold Polish political prisoners, who began to arrive in May 1940. From 1942 Auschwitz II-Birkenau became the largest centre for the immediate, direct extermination of Jews. People were selected upon arrival. Most were murdered directly in gas chambers, while others were used as forced labour. In the extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau 1.1 million people were murdered, 90% of them for being defined as Jewish. The next largest groups of victims were non-Jewish Poles, Roma and Sinti, and Soviet prisoners of war. When Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army on 27 January 1945, only a few sick inmates were left in the camp – all the others had been sent away to other concentration camps shortly before on so-called death marches.


    Someone who may be attracted romantically and/or sexually to both men and women.


    Repeated aggressive behaviour intended to hurt; can be verbal, emotional, physical or cyber. When carried out by a group, it is called mobbing. Bullies may target social class, race, size, strength, gender, sexual orientation, religion, appearance, behaviour, body language or ability. Bullying can result in serious, long-lasting problems.


    Unequal treatment based on categories such as someone’s ancestry, religion, gender, sexuality or (dis)ability. Although most countries have included basic human rights in their constitution or laws, which demand equal treatment for all, discrimination still happens on personal and societal levels. It often stems from widespread and socially accepted (mostly negative) images of certain groups, or from societal norms.

    Discrimination against LGTB+

    LGBT+ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) are discriminated against when their sexual orientation and/or gender identity is rejected.

    The discrimination takes many forms such as hurtful language, hate speech, social exclusion and hate crime (physical violence), but also structural discrimination by companies and state institutions. It is sometimes called homophobia, although that wrongly suggests a medical problem: a ‘phobia’ or psychological fear that can’t be controlled.

    In Nazi Germany, homosexuals were persecuted and murdered, but homosexuality was considered a crime in many countries long after the Second World War and people in Europe were still being sent to prison for being homosexual in the 1960s. The World Health Organisation considered it an illness until 1992. Germany, for example, only fully decriminalised homosexuality in 1994.

    Discrimination against LGBT+ increased rapidly in the 1990s with misconceptions about the HIV/ AIDs epidemic. Although homosexual relationships are no longer illegal in European countries, they are still not accepted by everyone. Hostility and assaults are common.

    Discrimination against Muslims

    Muslims are discriminated against on the basis of their faith, appearance, name, place of birth and perceived identity. A homogeneous group of ‘Muslims’ is imagined to exist. There have always been flourishing Muslim communities in Europe, and discrimination against such communities has a long history. It is sometimes called Islamophobia, but that description is felt by many to be unsatisfactory because it uses the medical term ‘phobia’ – an anxiety disorder a person cannot control. Discrimination against Muslims affects not only religious Muslims but anyone whose appearance or culture might indicate Muslim heritage.

    There has been an increase in discrimination against Muslims since the 9/11 attacks in the US in 2001 and the recent terrorist attacks in Europe. In Europe, many right-wing groups use anti-Muslim fears to promote their political goals. Typical stereotypes include the idea that Islam is sexist, old-fashioned and violent.

    Discrimination against Roma and Sinti

    Social exclusion or racial discrimination against Roma or Sinti people, which may be systemic or personal.


    Belonging to a social group with the same or similar language, cultural heritage, history, homeland etc., often by birth. It sometimes gets mixed up with the terms nation, people or race.

    Gender identity

    Someone’s inner sense of being male, female, a blend of both or neither. It may not be the gender assigned at birth.


    Term most commonly used for the mass murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany and its accomplices during the Second World War. Coming from the Greek language, it means ‘a completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering’. The term is offensive to many people as it could be seen to mean that the killing of Jews was a sacrifice. Often, the term Shoah is preferred. A broader definition of the Holocaust includes non-Jewish victims of the Nazi German policy of mass murder during the Second World War.


    Prejudice against, and fear or hatred of LGBT+ people and homosexuality. The term is criticised as it creates a pseudo-medical impression. People who fear or hate homosexuals mostly think they have rational reasons for their feelings, often referring to religious or heteronormativeconcepts.


    Follower of National Socialism. The term indicates a member of the Nazi party, the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei), but it is also often used broadly to describe anyone who took part in the persecution of Jews, Roma and Sinti and other victims of Nazi Germany.


    A preconceived opinion based on attributes such as gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or religion. Prejudices are not based on reason or actual experience; they are mostly negative; and they are often used to justify discrimination. In contrast to stereotypes, prejudices are emotionally charged. People often have unconscious prejudices, which are therefore hard to overcome.


    Racism is the devaluing of people considered to be of other ‘races’. The idea that you can group people by ‘race’ has long been rejected by scientists, but racism continues to exist.

    Racism is based on the belief that there are important biological differences between groups of people that make them superior or inferior. Racists judge other people by appearance – such as skin, eyes, hair, or language – and lump them together into a group.

    Racism has a long history, especially in the discrimination of black people. The term itself appeared in the 19th century, with the rise of the idea that people belong biologically to certain groups (‘races’) so they must have ‘typical’ characteristics. This concept played a large role in colonialism, as it was the basis for the idea that ‘white’ people were entitled to exploit and oppress other people. Racism puts people at a disadvantage at school, at work, in everyday life. Racist attacks can range from hurtful language, to taking away possessions or the right to live somewhere, and murder.


    A person who flees their country because of war or racial, religious or political persecution. People who have been granted refugee status are defined and protected in international law and must not be expelled or returned to situations in which they are in danger. Asylum seekers are people whose request for sanctuary has not yet been processed.


    Abbreviation for Schutzstaffel (protection unit), the elite military organisation of the Nazi party NSDAP, which had its own intelligence agency. It owned many companies that profited by using the forced labour of concentration camp inmates. The SS was in charge of all the concentration camps and mainly responsible for all the mass killings in the camps.


    Widely held but oversimplified image of a particular group. They can be positive, negative or neutral. Stereotypes can cause people to exaggerate differences between groups, either by falsely seeing them as homogeneous or by focusing only on differences.


    Fear or hatred of anybody and anything perceived as strange or different from oneself, for example people from other countries or cultures. It can include a fear of losing identity, suspicion of the activities of the ‘other’, aggression towards them, or even the desire to get rid of them to preserve the culture of the own group.

    GLOSSARY taken from Stories that Move: https://www.storiesthatmove.org/en/glossary/

  • To which country would you like to emigrate the most? What is the most precious thing you would take with you?

    Pop Daria, RO ❤️

    The county i would like to go to is Norway because it's a very beautiful county. I also like The place it is located. The first thing i would take with me is of course the phone, and the second thing is a book

    Nejc SLO

    I would like to go where there is easy to get job and place to live.

    Ala slo

    I would go to France and with me, i would take my family and my closest friends.

    Sumeja slo

    I would go to Spain. With me,I would take all my friends and food.


    I would like to go to Italy because it would be nice for me to take my pet.

    žiga slo

    I would go to a country that is beutiful and rich

    zarja slo

    I would like to go to countries where peace is good and pleasant ... Such as Norway or the Netherlands. I would take my favourite books with me.


    I would like to go to Thailand or Spain. I would take my favourite toy whit me.

    Ulrik, NO

    i would like to go to to Cyprus, because I have been there and I already know that the people are nice to eachother and the food is great, and i would bring my phone

    Emma, No

    If I had to emigrate somewhere it would stand between, Germany, Iceland or England. That is because I feel like the language in those countries are easy for me to learn. I also think they are interesting countries I would want to learn more about. There are a lot of items I would like to bring with me but I think if i had to choose i would either choose a photo album or this golden lion that I got from my great-grandmother. And also i would bring my phone to call people and have something to do while im bored

    Rikke Helen NO

    The country i would like to emigrate to spain. There are excellent education systems, beautiful enviornment and alot of. There is always something to do and alot to explore. The item i would take with me is probably my new motorcycle.

    Valter Carneiro, PT

    I would go to U.S. I would take my family and my friends.

    Martim Ferreira, PT

    I would go to France and I would take my family.

    Francisco Sampaio, PT

    The country I would like to go to is Brazil. I would take my family and my dog.

    Tiago Lopes, PT

    I would go to Dubai. I would take my family.

    Inês Silva, PT

    I would go to Greece. I would take my sister, my Mum and my closest friend.

    Francisca Silva, PT

    I would like to go to U.S. I would take father and my sister.

    Beatriz Gonçalves, PT

    I would like to go to Brazil. I would take my Mum.

    Rakel NO🤪

    If i could move to anywhere in the world, it would probably be the Uk or greece. I have my phone on me at all times so i wouldn’t count it as one of the items. But the one thing i’d bring is my nikon SLR Camera

    Gonçalo Monteiro, PT

    I would like to go to Greece. I would take my closest friends.

    João Martins, PT

    I would like to go to Dubai. I would take my family and my closest friends

    Tiago Teixeira, PT

    The country I would like to go to is Egypt. I would take my family.

    Gonçalo Marinho, PT

    I would like to go to UAE and I would take my family.

    Rui Moreira, PT

    I would like to go to Switzerland. I would take my family.

    Francisca Moura, PT

    The country I would like to go to is Greece. I would take my family.

    Cristiana Soares, PT

    I would like to go to Bahamas. I would take my family and my closest friends

    Gabriel Gomes, PT

    I would like to go to Italy. I would take my closest friends

    Rodrigo Cunha, PT

    I would like to go to Greece. i would take my friends.

    Guilherme Faria, PT

    The county i would like to go to is Switzerland. I would take my closest friends and my beautiful girlfriend.

    ShahMir Gul, SP

    The country I would like to go will be Canada or Norway because both are a beautiful country.I will bring my family and of course my Mobile to make Photos and I will bring Harry Potter books.

    Daroczi Eliza RO :)❤

    I would like to go to USA because when I was little I always dreamed about living there and also some places there are just incredible. Onestly I would take my phone and money with me so I can start a life there. =)

    Larisa RO🍩

    I would love to go in Portugal or USA beacuse i have lots of things to visit. I would Take my phone and my family.


    I would like to go to Portugal or Greece because I like to explore new countrys and I will take my phone with me.

    Andra, RO

    i would like to emigrate to Canada and i would like to take my cat

    Hugo Couto, SP

    I would like to emigrate to Tokyo (Japan) because it is beautiful and it is like the future and the past at the same time. I would take my cats with me because I love them and they are so beautiful :)

    Darius Sava RO🍉

    I would like to emigrate to the USA more precisely to New York because it is a very large, very populated and very rich city. I would take more people and more items for example my whole family, my uncle's family, my favorite cousin's family and Toto and stuff, I think I would take my computer, phone, car, and say the whole house if possible.

    Denis Șimonca RO

    The county I would like to go is Portugal because it is a very beautiful county and because I know they have very good food. I would take my phone and my friends.

    Amabela Celestial, SP

    I would love to go to many places for many reasons
    Japan: for the beautiful culture and because I'm so fascinated about how they managed to keep some past culture and mix it with the new culture which we are use to this day
    USA: cause I have some of my internet friends there
    Canada: some of my family members
    Austria: for the beautiful environment and sights
    I'd bring my little sister cause she loves to travel and go on planes

    Paola González, SP

    If I had to emigrate I would absolutely go to Canada. I think it's one of the best countries to live in. Also because most of the time there is cold, and I love winter, so it will be similar.
    I would take my family or friends because everything is better if you are with the people you love :)

    Muresan Georgiana, RO🇷🇴

    I would love to go to Portugal because I have heard that it is a very beautiful country. I would pick up the phone with me because I can talk to family and friends

    Momna Banaris, SP

    If I had to emigrate, I would definitely do it to Canada. In my opinion, the fact that CA is one of the best countries to live in, is mainly due to its nature, its climate, its education... .
    Well, and if I had the chance, I would certainly take my loved ones with me, but I also think that a blank book and pencil should never be missing :)

    Krish SP

    I would emigrate to london because there i have some friends.
    My family, clothes ,money and tecnology (phones laptops and tablets)

    Jecelyn SP

    For me, I would go in Japan, there's a multi worlds, like, there's the world anime, gaming and the normal. It's like, a tecnologic country, there are many possibilities to choose what you want to be in a tecnologic world. It's a tecnologic and classic country. They have traditions wonderfuls and a nice view, I like anime and other type of cartoons that I like. I like to make apps and tecnologic thinks so I think I fit there. I would go with my besties (bff), with clothes, laptop, phone, charger and money.

    Giulia Catanas, RO❤

    I want to go in England because i love the Tower Bridge and the Big Ben, I think it will be nice. Always I want to meet the queen, so there I can meet her.The most precious item it will be my phone, because I have to talk with my parents and to take photos.😊

    Othelie, NO

    If i had to emigrate to another country i would go to Spain. Is is beautiful there and warmer than Norway tihi. I would bring my family with me.🥰

    Elin, NO

    If i had to, I would emigrate to Thailand, England or Australia. The reason is because I have family in Thailand and the people is polite there , I have been in England and it seems like it is a nice country to live in and I have realtives that lives in Australia and it just seems like an exciting country to live in because of all the animals that lives there. And i would take my mother and a lot of money with me (just because if i were going to survive in a foreign country i would need some money😂)

    Frida Amalie, NO

    if I had to emigrate to another country, I would probably have gone to Sweden. I would go there because it is quite similar to Norway. the one item I would have wanted to bring with me is one of the photo albums from when I was little.

    Sarah NO 🥰

    I would like to emigrate to Spain, because I've been there before and it's so pretty there. And I want to take my family with me, and my phone hehe

    Ariana Teglas, RO

    That county I would love to visit is England, because is a very beautiful county and I like English.I want to take with me my phone with me❤️

    Ariana Teglas, RO🦋

    The county I would love to visit is England because is a very beautiful county. I will take with me my phone to take photos❤️

    Mureșan Dan🌍😊

    The country i want to go is Japan,because it's very beautiful and there are lots of interesting things that i can discover.The things I want to take with me are:some books,my phone and a lot of joy.😃

    Pop Carla

    I would live in Greece because it is a beautiful country and it has many beautiful legends about the country. I would take with me a book about my country but also my family. ❤

    Pop Carla, Ro🌝

    I would love to emigrate to Greece because it is a very beautiful country. I would take My family, friends and phone🙈✈


    I really like this project and I would like to go to Portugal

    Maya Lopez, SP

    If it had to emigrate to another country is would Sweden, because last summer I went there for vacation and I really liked it.
    The most precious thing I would take with me would be my family and friends because I'm probably gonna need help living there and my mom actually lived there as a child, also because that's the obvious choise and I would be crazy not the choose it.

    Gladdy Mendoza, SP

    If I had to emigrate, I would like to go to Canada or Japan. Those are the most beautiful countries to live for me. I would like to emigrate to Canada because my relatives live there and it's my dream living there with my family. In Japan, is a beautiful place and I would love to know more about their culture and live there. If I have the chance to bring someone with me, I would love to bring my mom. My mom is the one who encouraged, me being a traveler and she is too...😂

    Xena González, SP

    The country I would like to emigrate is Australia because it has beautiful views, for the weather and for the quiet surroundings. The most precious thing that I would keep with me is my family and friends.


    I wold like to go to usa ,canada , thailand and egiypt because I like the culture , the scene and the history behind this countries

    Victoria Ferreira, Spain

    I would like to go to Japan. I really love their culture and it's a beautiful country. The most precious thing that I would take with me is my sketchbook and my paints. Also the book that I'd be reading in that moment.

    Matyus Ingrid, RO

    The country I would like to go is USA because it's a beautiful country. I would take my friends, my phone and my charger.

    Bogdan Cynthia, RO

    The country I would go to is USA. I would take with me my phone and my charger because I couldn't communicate with my family and friends without my phone and the second most important thing is money because I couldn't get any souvenirs

    Sziklavari Katalin, RO❤️

    I would go to Hawaii.
    With me,I would take all food, money and my friends

    Kercsuly Erika.RO

    I would emigrate to USA because it is my favourite country, I would take my phone,money and my dog, Pufi, with me🥰🐕🐾

    Phrencis Mier, SP

    If I had to emigrate to another country I would like to go either France or Germany. Because I'm learning French and I'm really interested in learning more about the country. And Germany because it has a lot of story, I already been there it's really beautiful, you can actually find freshly made food in a convinience store and it's delicious. The most precious thing I would like to take with me it would be obviously my parents and some of maybe some of closest friends, but if people doesn't count it would be my phone, money and those things that have sentimental value to me.

    Núria Asghar, SP

    The country I would like to emigrate is Norway because it's a beautiful country and has a freezing cold weather.
    The first thing I would take with me is my camera, because I love photography. I really want to capture the spectaculer Northern Lights.

    Other than Norway, Japan, South Korea, United States of America are also on my top favourite list to emigrate to.

    Maya Lopez, SPAIN

    I would emigrate to Canada because I'm looking in the "convinient" way. I heard stories where it seemed very convinient to live there. Once my dad was in Canada for a week or so and he ingured himself, he, then, went to the hospital and they just asked him for his first name. I would emigrate to the US but if would not be so simple.

    Tarleen Singh Kaur, SP

    The place where I want to emigrate is Canada, the second-largest country in the world. I chose this country because I want it to be a country that has English as its official language. Apart from being one of the countries we want to study, it is by nature and places there. Most of its territory lies large rocky mountains, forests, glaciers, etc.
    In Canada, I would take my friend because she is the person I need most in my life.

    Cristina Bolovan RO

    I love North America, which means I would like to emigrate to America more precisely to New York. I would take my phone, laptop, clothes and all their accessories.